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Everyday, I work hard to see the good in everything and everyone. 
It's how I operate. When I meet someone, my brain goes into photo mode immediately, studying what makes you "tick", what angles suit your face, what colors make you shine, the way you love the people around you, and the way the people around you love YOU. And that's how I create the magic.
Hi, I'm Maria,
a believer that little things make the big things. Tyler, my teammate, my secret weapon, my dream-builder, my jack-of-all-trades, is just as much a part of this business as myself. He's the air that fills my lungs, and I couldn't do one day without him (he said that this sentence was too cheesy but I don't care). His full time job is in real estate, but after being married to a photographer wife for 4 years, he's picked up talents in videography, and now runs that side of our business. He also flies the drone so we all stay safe. If I did it, it'd probably be a hazard. :) We are an Iowa photographer and videographer husband and wife duo. 
We added a baby girl, Gracie, to our family this year, and it's been the best thing we've created yet. 
Photography has always been a passion of mine. It's been my creative outlet throughout every stage of life. I love getting to know people through my lens. Every session, my goal is to write a story that makes you feel something, a story about real life. 
Still interested? I would love to chat!
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