Hey there!
I'm Maria, the lady behind the camera. Photography has always been a passion of mine. It's been a creative outlet for me throughout every stage of life. I love getting to know people through my lens. Some say photography is my "job" but to me it is so much more. 
I call my style bright, colorful, and fun! I love to capture real personalities and make every person feel perfect in their own skin. Meeting new people from behind the lens is my happy place. 
I have an associates degree in graphic design which makes me look at everything in life with a designer's eye. I recently have also attained a bachelors degree in art and literature. I love spending my free time traveling, painting, cooking, hiking, designing, and spending time outdoors. 
My husband, Tyler, is my number one fan, and the one who continues to support and inspire me to be more than I am. He also helps me with wedding videos, and I must say he makes a pretty good partner and pretty good drone pilot. And I can't leave out my ADORABLE nieces and nephews and wonderful family and friends who also inspire me to see life in a simpler light. 
Still interested? I would love to chat!


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